Listen Jetic – I know, I know, I know Below!!



Jetic is a Producer, Hip Hop/Rap/Dancehall artist, Jetic produces all his tracks and may produce others for people willing to be artistic. Doubt you would be surprise to see some of the most talented persons are yet to be discovered, Jetic is a young adult with great talent developed over the years to bring his thoughts and virtues to the world.


What inspires my music?
Real life experiences and what is  happening around mostly, these are the strongest influence in my music such as Peer Pressure. A regular teen with big ambitions of making revolutionary contribution to the music industry (The Game). Much of Jetic’s song show strong influence of his life which includes basic examples such as his values of being a perfectionist, external outlook and Peer Pressure, creating a contrast of both Life and Dark moments of my life.
Ever since I’ve started making music I had mostly written about events in my life, I’ve always felt that it was best for me as it helped me to express my self and show emotions throughout my lyrics.


What do I think could be done to support young musicians like myself?
More Promotion, Stage shows. We only can rise if us musicians can get people to listen to our music, as a young adult I have learned that I need Promotion Online and Offline so better promotion for us musicians from radio stations and doing live shows (Online and Offline).


My chosen way of getting my music out and the root of my style?
My music is promoted widely by Fans who spread the word of Jetic. My style has been built up over the years where Jetic’s first song was of the genre Dance hall, through out the years i have inspired and entertain people. Positive responses and support is what inspire me to continue making music.


Fuel for Success?
The Homies
I couldn’t have been more vague! It all started with the homies. My first song was not the best, matter of fact my worst song ever due to lack of equipment, being new to producing and recording; throughout that period they supported me and advised me to improve and still supporting me to the pinnacle.
Rap Has always been an exiting genre and competition is what helps fuel my motives (Rapping to Rappers). I’ve inspired a lot of individual just as I was inspired by others (Not celebrities but peers of talent) and this have lead me to carry on the legacy.